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Passing Criteria for MS-CIT

MS-CIT Course | |MKCL Passing Criteria for MS-CIT Course
About MS-CIT
MS-CIT is an Information Technology (IT) literacy course started by MKCL in the year 2002. It has made more than 6 million learners IT literate till date. It is the most popular IT Literacy course in Maharashtra.
This Course Comprises Of:
Reading and understanding a highly illustrated book
eLearning based self-learning sessions
Through MKCL's eLearning Revolution for All (ERA)
Providing hands-on practice sessions.
Learning facilitation by certified professionals
With academic interactions, assessments, and collaboration
After completing this course, the learners will emerge as confident and versatile users of Information Technology.
Passing Criteria for MS-CIT Course:

The MS-CIT course curriculum and evaluation will be based on Microsoft Windows 7 and Microsoft
Office 2010 tools.

Following is the criteria for passing the MS-CIT Examination successfully:

  1. Aggregate score of 40 Marks (in Sections I, II-A & II-B) out of 100 with following conditions:
  2. Minimum 20 Marks out of 50 are required for passing in Internal Evaluation (i.e. Section I)  &
  3. Minimum 6 Marks out of 15 are required for passing in objective section of Final MS-CIT 
  4. Examination i.e. Section II-A &
  5.  Minimum 14 Marks out of 35 are required for passing in practical section of Final MS-CIT 
  6. Examination i.e. Section II-B
  7. Passing criteria is same for fresh as well as re-exam learners.


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